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Media talking about various Space Science Learning Club's initiatives

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What is the Virtual Planetarium Show?

A Live Simulation Show your child should not miss

Using a high-end planetarium simulator, Space Science Learning Club founder and Learning Coach, Vinod Kumar will take you through a breathtaking Tour of our Universe in an immersive and highly interactive show.

Guaranteed you would not have seen anything like this before!

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Experience the awe-inspiring view of our universe

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What will you enjoy in the Virtual Planetarium Show?

Experience the wonder of space, right before your eyes!

Our live simulation is an exciting and educational experience for participants above the age of 7 to view and enjoy the mysteries of our Universe. 

Join us in our live simulation, where you will learn about the stars, planets, constellations and about many more celestial objects in our Universe.

Get up close to Celestial Bodies, like never-seen-before.

Take a journey into the depths of the universe

How will this show benefit by child?

All your questions about our Universe answered LIVE!

The Virtual Planetarium Show is not just a virtual entertainment, but a place where you get answers to your queries about our universe.

Through a dedicated Space Science Expert (Live Chat), have your questions about space and celestial objects clarified, making this experience highly interactive.

Your child's knowledge about our Universe will increase after this show!

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Your kids will learn more than they ever thought possible.

Have you been on a VIRTUAL SPACE RIDE

In this VIRTUAL SPACE RIDE, you will onboard a spacecraft (not made by humans!) and travel from Earth to all the celestial objects in our Solar System. 

Jump to Light Speed NOW!

We will visit the outer realms of our Solar System and travel further to other Stars in our Galaxy.

We can see other solar systems in the Milky Way Galaxy and see how the systems are similar or different from our own!

Then we will visit our nearby Galaxies and travel further to different nebulas (this is where stars are born)

Finally, we will visit the outer realms of the universe and see how big/ small we are in our universe!

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Special Features of the
Virtual Planetarium Show

Family Show

Not just kids, but even adults too will enjoy the show. So 1 ticket for entire family to watch!

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Interactive Session

Interact with us throughout the session and get all your questions answered.

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90 mins Duration

Starts at 7.00 PM sharp and finishes at 8.30 PM, so that after getting inspired about our universe, you can go out and explore the night sky.

Watch in Any Device

Live Show is delivered through YouTube, so you can watch in any device that supports YouTube - mobile phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, Smart TV & Smart Projector!

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